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dxf alignment works inconsistently

Question asked by Dave Nowakowski on Jan 2, 2016

Having a bit of trouble with a SW feature that's normally a big time saver.  I'm often having to pull dxfs off of my multi-body parts to send off to the cnc router.  When they're not aligned to xy axes on the sw model, using the alignment features in the dialogue box normally works great to pull the geometery to the x axis on the dxf output (to better faciliate nesting later on, especially on ply parts where grain direction might be a consideration).  Once in a while however, it  just doesn't work, without a warning or pop-up coming up.  This morning it really had me stumped in that it worked properly for all bodies in the part except for one.  Not a huge deal, but it's some extra work to then go off to Autocad or draftsight with the file to straighten up the part. 


Any clues?