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Multiple ActiveX controls within the same task pane view

Question asked by Jeff Sweeney on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Adam Hoffman

Is it possible to have multiple ActiveX controls within the same task pane view?


This code always errors on the second “AddControl” line (even if I switch the order)


myTaskPaneView = SwApp.CreateTaskpaneView2(“", "Task Pane Test")

myTaskpaneA = myTaskPaneView.AddControl("A.SWTaskPane_SwAddin", "")

myTaskpaneB = myTaskPaneView.AddControl("B.SWTaskPane_SwAddin", "")


I’d like to be able to swap what the user sees in the task pane with something like a hide/unhide, but it appears I can only have one control connected to a task pane view at a time? Certainly I don’t have to delete it and recreate it over and over?