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Radii are being displayed as straight lines, rather than curves

Question asked by Tom Radley on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by Tom Radley

Here is an example of this problem showing itself.


I have the object shown below (not a real object, just a manifestation of the issue I'm having on more complex shapes) :





I wish to add radii of 10mm to the two lines shown below :




Now, when I go to do this, regardless of whether I add the radii in the sketch or as a feature, they will, while I add the feature, show themselves as curves. This is fine, and as I want it to be.




However, when I finalise the feature and look at the part, this is what I see :




If I highlight the feature I will even get shown the curve again, but I cannot get the part to permanently adhere to it :




If this were only an issue of visualisation I wouldn't have a problem, however when I then save the part as a .igs or .step, those files will show these straight lines rather than actual radii!


I'm hoping there's a simple fix to this. Can anyone help me?