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BOM Item Number Retrieval Macro

Question asked by Kevin Sánchez on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Matt Martens

Hey Guys,


I have came across an issue. I am working on a large drawing package (20 sheets with 100+ Items Numbers.) I am using a custom view call-out block with text attributes.

One of the text attributes is the item number of the sub-assembly/view. The issue that i have is; that the engineer and I are tired of having to manually type in the item number of that Sub-Assembly and Checking it every time the Master BOM changes. It is a ROYAL PITA!

Ok now I know what you guys are going to say "add a balloon to the view and link it to the attribute/text on the view call-out block"  Right? Well here is the catch. There are 2 BOMs BOM 1 is the Master BOM. BOM 2 is for a Sub-Assembly (in another sheet).  Naturally ALL of the Balloons in that Sub-Assembly View is linked to BOM 2. Now i cant link the BOM 1 Item number for that Sub-Assembly to a text because i can only link balloons to 1 BOM (either BOM 1or BOM 2)

So i am wondering if you guys can help me come up with a MACRO where i can retrieve the Item number for that Sub-Assembly (from BOM 1) in a view where it has its own BOM. Hope all of this makes any sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.