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EPDM changes workflow conditions arbitrarily

Question asked by Angelo De Dominicis on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Iftach Priel

Hello all.


I´m in the process of deploying EPDM on my company. While defining workflows, i have planned for certain 3D CAD files to go on a "library" workflow, much simpler than the regular design process workflow. In order to differentiate each file, a boolean variable (yes/no) is defined at the part datacard when created.


As shown in pictures 1 and 2, this variable is called "EsLibreria". When evaluated as "yes", the component should go to Library Workflow, otherwise it should go to the regular design process workflow.


Then i defined a workflow condition based on this variable, thus marking it as "Yes".Things weren´t working due to Standard parts still checking on the wrong workflow.


As seen in picture 4, looks like EPDM changed "EsLibreria" argument back to "No" without my intervention. In fact, no matter how much i try to define it as "Yes", it will go back to "No" next time i attempt to edit workflow conditions.


Am i missing something or found a bug?. Could it be related to our spanish installs messing with Si/No  Yes/No ?


Windows 7 x64

Enterprise PDM 2015 Build 15.05.1138

SolidWorks 2015 SP5