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    EPDM changes workflow conditions arbitrarily

    Angelo De Dominicis

      Hello all.


      I´m in the process of deploying EPDM on my company. While defining workflows, i have planned for certain 3D CAD files to go on a "library" workflow, much simpler than the regular design process workflow. In order to differentiate each file, a boolean variable (yes/no) is defined at the part datacard when created.


      As shown in pictures 1 and 2, this variable is called "EsLibreria". When evaluated as "yes", the component should go to Library Workflow, otherwise it should go to the regular design process workflow.


      Then i defined a workflow condition based on this variable, thus marking it as "Yes".Things weren´t working due to Standard parts still checking on the wrong workflow.


      As seen in picture 4, looks like EPDM changed "EsLibreria" argument back to "No" without my intervention. In fact, no matter how much i try to define it as "Yes", it will go back to "No" next time i attempt to edit workflow conditions.


      Am i missing something or found a bug?. Could it be related to our spanish installs messing with Si/No  Yes/No ?


      Windows 7 x64

      Enterprise PDM 2015 Build 15.05.1138

      SolidWorks 2015 SP5




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          Michael Dekoning


          Yes, I think it may have something to do with the Spanish installs. Add an "Or" condition for the variable "EsLibreria" with a value of "Si" and see if that resolves your issue.

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            Derek Lawson



                 I would guess that it does have something to do with the language. I've never liked using the "Yes/No" type for a variable because of these types of issues. I would recommend that you change the variable type back to text, then set the condition to look for the value "1" (checked) or "0" (unchecked). With that it won't matter what language the value is written in and could save a lot of headaches.


                 Also, make sure that you record and submit this issue to your local VAR. They should be able to confirm this issue and let you know if it is a bug, if there are any other solutions or work-arounds and if SOLIDWORKS already knows about it.


            Derek M. Lawson

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              Steven Dod

              I created a folder to keep our library parts in then controlled the workflow by the folder.  Any file that goes into our Library folder will automatically go into the Library workflow.  No data card variables needed.

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                Adrian Velazquez

                I've have inconsistent behavior in the past with Yes/No Variables and CheckBoxes inm EPDM, maily because depending where you use them the values can expected are:






                so I stopped using them...

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                  Iftach Priel

                  Just as a general note, I never found workflow conditions to be very reliable or predictable since they lack hierarchy (well, not really, but it's not clear to me what it is...).

                  I use workflow conditions only for 2 workflows (out of 6), based on paths, and have the rest of the workflows set to path !=% .

                  after entering the initial state, files are sorted out to other workflows (via links) using automatic transitions with conditions. I find it to be more reliable and easier to debug. In this method you can also add user input for sorting -  by manual transitions or by running a dispatch with a combo-box that sets a variable that is used further down the line for transition conditions.