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New Threads feature in 2016 annotation, configuration and representation (and collection of resolved questions)

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Peter Lethbridge

Hi there.


I installed new 2016 fairly recently and was excited with new thread feature. Also was disappointed shortly after. Here is why.


I was hoping that this new feature will be 'smart' as hole wizard is. upon playing with this feature for couple of days i was not able to:

1) create automatic annotation in the drawing

2) change the representation of the threads as simplified in my drawing

3) configure the feature

4) BUT it is possible to create a thread feature on 1" rod, with 1.5" threads  with no issues !



to open above issues a bit more:

1) i am not sure if i am missing any of the options checked so the annotations are not showing. If you cannot create automatic annotation, this feature is useless.

2) i do not like the actual thread representation. I know that it is important if you are 3D printing, but in standard 2D technical drawing it's just cluttering the drawing. It seems like an obvious option to have - changing thread representation from simplified to schematic to realistic...

3) it is possible to configure couple of the dimensions from the feature, but not the feature itself. if you have, let's say 1-14 UNF 2A, and change the rod size to 0.75, i was not able to find a way to change the thread size to match the rod.

4) It is either allowing you to do this or it is updating but the text label is not showing it - had no time to check this.



if it is possible to shed some light on 1-3 from above, it would be great. For now, it seems that they just made this option to quiet down the requests for it. It would be better if they had improved cosmetic thread feature to be more 'smart'.




For people having questions about this feature i have compiled a list of already asked and answered questions/resolved issues:

1) Information about threads not being completely accurate if used from supplied table - WARNING - Thread feature in SW2016 is woefully inaccurate

2) error message says it cannot 'cut thread' use 'extrude thread'- SW 2016 Thread creation.

3) make the thread feature .005" smaller or larger to compensate for hard anodize - Re: In 2016 thread feature, is it possible to make the thread undersized/oversized for anodization? This would be a valuable tool if it's not there yet.

4) pattern the new thread cut feature  - Pattern thread cut feature in 2016