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Project mounting / mating pattern from one part in assembly to another (configurations)?

Question asked by Vasu Agrawal on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by Scott Harvey

I have a tubing part which I've used configurations (via a design table) to generate. The different configurations are of different lengths, though they all share the same hole pattern (in this case, 1 hole every 1"). I'm trying to design a plate to attach to this tubing which has a corresponding mounting pattern (matching holes). I've put the tubing into an assembly, and created a new part within the assembly on one of the holed faces of the tubing. I could go and manually use convert entities to project every single hole that I'd be using, but that will take a lot of time and, more importantly, isn't robust to configuration changes. That is, if I were to go from say, a 10" piece of tubing to a 24" piece of tubing, I'd like the plate to update as well with the proper holes. I know that I could also recreate the exact hole pattern using a linear pattern on the plate, but that doubles the amount of work and is very prone to error.


So, my question, then, is as follows: what is the proper way to project mounting holes / features / patterns from one part to another within an assembly, such that a configuration change will not break the design?


You can perhaps get a better sense of what I mean when you look at the solidworks files I've attached.