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    dispatch selected file

    Elaine Nelson



      I am trying to run a dispatch through an automatic workflow transition. I am setting some variables using "Variable value from selected file(s) datacard". My question is what would be the selected file? Since it is automatic no files are selected.

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          Derek Lawson



          Typically the "selected file" is the file that is currently going through that transition. Naturally it could be multiple files, so the "selected file" will change for each file that is passing through. I would recommend setting up a dispatch action with an OK message box that displays the name of the file passing through that transition. You should then see a box pop up for each file moving through. That would be your selected file at that point in time.


          Does that make sense?


          Derek M. Lawson

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              Jeremiah Davis

              Hello Elaine,


              If you are setting this up for multiple files to push through at the same time, ensure your dispatch action uses the "For All Documents" and "End For All Documents" loops.


              Doing this, the selected file will be each file going through the transition, even if it is automatic.