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    Automate file movement

    Hector Vasquez

      I have a simple workflow that "approves" an excel file, how can I get the workflow to move a this file to an "approved folder" from "working folder" upon approval?

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          Michael Dekoning

          You would have to use the EPDM API or perhaps Dispatch. But I have to ask, why move the file from folder to folder? Have your users to look at the file's current workflow State.

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            Tim Webb

            I'm with Michael.


            The EPDM workflow is designed so files no longer have to be moved from folder to folder to track their status. The files have virtual states they move through for approvals. Plus the state names can be named whatever you need them to be to represent the status of the files (i.e. "Design", "Design Review", "Pending Release", "Released", etc.)


            Why waste time and money developing a program that isn't needed? Spend that time developing your workflow and re-training your users.


            Hope this helps

            Tim CEPA

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                Hector Vasquez

                Hi Tim and Michael, thanks for the responses.


                Much appreciated.



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                    Jeremiah Davis

                    Hello Hector and all,


                    As a point of reference, Dispatch does not have a "Move File" function.

                    The only way to accomplish this (if for whatever reason it is a must) would be through the API. But this poses some interesting challenges with ghost files in the local views of people who did not cause the action that moved the file.


                    For example, you push the transition that moves the file and it moves in your local view, my local view will still have the physical file in that old folder, but will show the vaulted file in the proper folder.