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"Database is locked" error while upgrading shared toolbox with SW 2016 SP1.0 install

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by Derek Lawson

Background: we are upgrading from SW 2014 SP5.0 to SW 2016 SP1.0.  Our PDM server is on SP1.0.  However, our toolbox, which is shared in the PDM vault, still is of version 2014 (still uses the MDB file extension, and not the new SLEDB extension used by SW 2016).  Basically, I'm getting an error that says the database is locked.  Per the instructions from SW's website, it says to check out the SWbrowser.mdb file with a user that has full rights (I'm using the admin user that is installed when PDM is installed for this).


I'vet already installed SW 2016 on some machines and when I try to point them to the shared toolbox in the vault, I get the error saying that it can't find the SLEDB file, which makes sense since the db is still in the old MDB format.  So, I have two more workstations to install, and I tried to get the 2016 SW installer to upgrade the toolbox but get the error shown in the picture below.



Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why this is happenning?


I've attached a screen shot of the error message, although it doesn't offer much help.,


Here is a link to the instructions I have been following:

2016 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Upgrading to Manage Toolbox Entirely in the Vault