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Propeller wash does not seem accurate

Question asked by Finn Carlsvi on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by Finn Carlsvi


I'm trying to run a simulation of a propeller (in static condition) with duct in Solidworks 2015 Flow Simulation. The propeller diameter is 300mm and uses a clark y airfoil, it is running at 7000 rpm.


The problems I am having are:

  1. The propeller wash diverges, it should converge.
  2. The propeller wash dissipates almost immediately.
  3. Propeller thrust is higher in the free case than with a duct. From what I understand, theory states that edge effects would be detrimental to the thrust of the free propeller.


I've tried:

- Increasing the domain size

- Running the finest fidelity mesh setting

- Changing the size of the rotating domain

- Adding a small (0.1 m/s) global velocity component in Y (down in the diagram)


Thanks for any help you can provide, I have included a zip file with the parts and how they were setup for flow simulation.


/ Finn


Ducted propeller setup:




Non-ducted propeller setup: