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How can I change the SW2016 Desktop image?

Question asked by Rick Becker on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by Paul Salvador

SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 Win7


When you launch SW 2016, and there is nothing open, you see the “DS SOLIDWORKS 2016” on your screen “desktop”.

How do I change that “desktop"?


The just opened 2016 is so starkly white, it actually hurts my eyes. I know I can just open a drawing or part. I shouldn't have to. I would like to change that picture.


Just for clarity sake, attached is a picture of my 2 monitors. On the left is SW2016. On the right is SW2015. There are no prt/asm/drw opened on either.


How can I make the left monitor look like (color wise) the right monitor (or preferably place my own company logo there or a picture of my kid)?


I assume that the desktop image is a bitmap/jpg/other file located somewhere and referenced to load from somewhere.


Can you track down the name/location/property requirements (so I can make a replacement file) of the bitmap/jpg/other file?

Can you track down where the file is called?

Is there a registry key or some other accessible call?

Can my request be fulfilled by simply replacing the bitmap/jpg/other file with a bitmap/jpg/other file of my own?


I know there is SPR 912071 that will be implemented in 2016 SP2.0. That will be a help, but doesn't go quite far enough.


Any help is greatly appreciated.