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managing assemblies: suppressing helical cuts vs helical bosses

Question asked by James Bancroft on Dec 29, 2015

I am trying to speed up my assemblies, I am suppressing all helical cuts in all my stuff fromMCMasters to speed up the math processor


Do the helical bosses in McMaster's parts also cause slowdowns? Screws/bolts/nuts?



I have slowed down so much bringing in models, placing them in drawings, then doing section views for wiring, I even change my views to sketches trying to take away need for memory, but I slow down to a crawl, typing in 140 characters takes 180 seconds to wait for my system to finish entering the last character!


So? Any ideas here? what else should I suppress in a part to speed up my time?


IO want to keep my assemblies as assemblies, but I also read where  changing some to parts will help, too, I need to review this for outside vendor parts I made within a subassembly