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Discussion created by Sean Nutley on Oct 15, 2007
One of the groups I have set up cannot get the latest revision of asolidworks file. They are in the Purchasing group which hasRead-Only rights to any completed drawings and I am in theEngineering group which has Read-Write rights to any completeddrawing. This particular drawing has been completed, revised toRev.B and is in the correct Lifecycle stage. When thepurchaser searches for this drawing, Rev.A shows up automaticallyand they can only open a copy of Rev.A. I have checked that theoptions on their computer has "Latest Revision" selected.When I or anyone from the Engineering group searches for thisdrawing, Rev.B is automatically selected and they can open a copyof Rev.B. This has caused a huge problem because the Purchaser senta copy of Rev.A to the supplier to make becasue up until now, thenewest revision has always automatically shown up. Please help.

Update: After looking at this particular file closely, I found outthat it was in a different Lifecycle Status than what was shown onthe screen. I have the labels set to display the Revision,Owner & Lifecycle Status. The status label was showing thewrong status. Has anyone ever encountered this?