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SW 2015sp5

Discussion created by John Kreutzberger on Dec 28, 2015
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Back In November, I installed a hotfix for SW 2015, sp4. This has solved an issue with crashing and/or freezing up that I had been having. Not a single instance of that sort of thing has happened since I applied the hot fix. I have heard that sp5 was supposed to have included what was addressed with the hotfix. Is there any good reason to uninstall the hotfix and apply sp5? A part of me wants to simply continue the way I am since everything is working. However, I won't be moving up to 2016 full time until they give us a way to revert the UI back to reasonable color schemes. Therefore, I am thinking it may be a good idea to apply sp5 since I'll be staying with 2015 for a while. Thoughts?