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    How do I manipulate text in Custom Properties?

    Carrie Ives

      I have two different situations where I need to manipulate text in a custom property. I would appreciate ideas on how to solve either or both problems. We are using SolidWorks 2013, 2014, and 2015 currently.


      One thing that was proposed here was using a design table so that we would have the power of Excel to write equations with. I would like to avoid that so that we don't have to make sure that we're reading the configuration specific property rather than the custom property. We use this information to create external (to SolidWorks) bills of material and want to reduce the number of places people can enter data so that we have fewer areas to make mistakes.


      Issue 1 - We have a custom property "Vendor Part Number". It currently evaluates as the file name. ($PRP:"SW-File Name") This is correct for our custom parts where we name the file with our part number. For parts that we purchase from a catalog, we add a prefix to the file name to indicate that it is from our site not another one of our company's sites. While we can manually change this and type in the part number, I would like a way to automatically have the prefix removed. Is it possible? Suggestions please? The prefix is always the same.


      Issue 2 - We are using Windchill for some of our SolidWorks data management. (Solidworks 2013, 2014) I would like to change how we display the revision information based on what the lifecycle status is. I have a property that lists the lifecycle (a text value). If we are in Concept phase, I would like to use the PTC_WM_REVISION and PTC_WM_ITERATION for our revision property that is shown on our drawing. If we are beyond that, I would like to just use the PTC_WM_REVISION. It appears to me, that I can't use the IF function with custom properties that contain text. Is there some other way to do this?


      I would like to have a solution that I can include in our template parts that doesn't require people to remember to do or check something (because they will forget). I would appreciate any ideas that you have.




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          Scott Stuart

          I can't help with #2 since I'm not familiar with Windchill, but for #1 could you simply use two different part templates? One template set up for your manufactured parts has the property set to $PRP:"SW-File Name" and the other set up for purchased parts has the property set to <prefix>$PRP:"SW-File Name".



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            Sarah Dwight

            Are you aware of and/or do you use the Custom Properties task pane and Property Tab Builder??


            You can move the data entry process from the Summary Information window to the Custom Properties task pane.


            If you use a checkbox and change the value to 1/0 you may be able to use an IF function for your revision level.

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              John Stoltzfus

              1#  If you're sure of the part number changes being permanent then I would do a "Save As" which keeps all the original relationships intact, then you can permanently delete the old file - I had used this method of renaming a file for years and no issues....


              2# Like Sarah mentions we also use Custom Property Tab Builder and I start out with -00 for the design stage, 01 for prototyping and additional 02, 03 etc... if required.  Once the product has gone through our total process stage, then we change the revisions to A.. I chose to use my own revision block and my own revision updates rather than using the SW revision table, primarily because I use multiple sheet drawings and the revision tables are setup for individual rev's.  What I like about our system here is, if the changes affect only one or two parts than I can bump the rev's individually, once we have our final product/final design then I can use the Task Scheduler to update the entire folder to rev "A"


              Since you use the Custom Property Tab Builder you fill out the template in CAPS,  below is how we do it here...