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    Hole Table Adding Holes That are Arcs and Not Circles

    Tony Thompson

      I am trying to detail out a fixture mounting plate that has keyways that are for alignment of linear rails and I have (6) 1/2-13 holes that go through the fixture plate but (2) of then break into the edge of the keyway so instead of having a complete circle for the hole I have (2) arcs. When I try to select the arcs to add to the hole table SolidWorks will not add the holes to the table. See the attached images that show the part and the drawing. I don't want to use the opposite side of the plate to call out the hole locations because then all of the holes would be on the opposite side that they will be machined on.


      Is this another bug in SW 2015 or is there a way to add the holes that break into the keyway?






      SW-2015 Part_Hole in Edge of Keyway.JPG


      SW-2015 Drawing_Hole in Edge of Keyway.JPG

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          Dennis Bacon

          Tony,,, I managed to come up with something you might be able to use. I made two configurations of the part. One is called Split and consists of a surface extrude which is used to split the single body into two bodies so the chamfered lip is a body on top of part. The default config is the block with holes and keyway cuts. For the hole table view I used the split config and all other views can use the default config. Of course you need to select the proper faces for the hole table.


          I attached the part only. Locations A1 & A4 each have one circle and one arc.


          Edit:... I just noticed that I can change that view to the default config and the tags and table stay intact. I can move the holes and everything updates correctly. So if having two configs in the drawing bothers you can do that. I did have to edit the datum definition since it turned to dangling when I changed from split to default.