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Help Improve our Project for Mobility Challenged People!

Question asked by Maor Rosenberg on Dec 26, 2015

Dear all

We (Maor Rosenberg and my co Vered Waksman) are Materials Engineering students at Ben Gurion University in Israel.

We are working on a project in the field of mobility equipments for people who are physically challenged (as elderly and temporary/permanently mobility challenged people).
As we work on this project we believe that we, as students, do not have enough knowledge in the field of mechanism and the human factor. So we would appreciate your help!

In our project we will build a kit that will be plugged on the typical (and the most primitive) walking aid (an illustration is attached down).
The most important component of this kit is a product that will make this walking aid to be able to help the user to go up/down stairs.

The product is a telescopic leg. The leg is made with “stop points” located in the most typical and standard heights of stairs. The user will be able to control and adjust the legs with bicycle brakes (or other kind of a brake), located wherever the user wants them to be.

After it is being plugged to the walking aid, it is very simple:

  1. The user puts the walking aid on the next stair.
  2. Once the user pulls the brakes, the two telescopic legs are released and fall to the previous lower stair.
  3. When the user reaches the last stair – he puts the equipment on the floor and pulls the brakes again – now the walking aid weight makes it to fall down to the ground, and closes the telescopic legs.

***While going downstairs: the user uses the devise in the same direction as going upstairs.

We will appreciate advises and ideas in making this product better: from the right kind of material to make the legs, through mechanism and human factor, and anything else you can think about.


Thank you so much and happy holidays!
                                    Maor and Vered