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Area light problem

Question asked by Igor Kulundžić on Dec 25, 2015



...I think this will help bunch of people who would like to have more than 9 light sources in their composition.


Well, I'm working on some building design and I would like to add some lanterns...exactly 15 pcs with light sources. One of my ideas is ti make render at night with all those beautiful light sources, shadows, etc..


But, as you know, Solidworks allows you just 9 light I have decided to make area light in size of the bulb for every lantern. But, when I try to render this composition, I get some strange shadow stains on every surface in model...I'm sending you example I have create just for this post purposes (you can see what I'm talking about on floor tiles).


I have tried everything to resolve this problem but without success...when I increase radius of bulb it looks better, but where can you find bulb with 1 m in radius ...also, in this case, luminous intensity is limited to 100 w/srm^2 which is to low for this size of bulb...


Is there any other solution for this design purposes....what is the best way to have 15 light sources in one assemble but with natural light/shadow render....?


Thanks a lot for all good people who cares about my physical health...because this is so frustrating