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Can't open excel file, maybe not install office excel

Question asked by Rich Harder on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Dan Cuadra

I know the subject "Can't open excel file, maybe not install office excel" sounds like improper English but this is exactly the error message I'm receiving when I try to open my cable.xlsx in the Cable Wire Library Wizard/Excel spread sheet import.


12-24-2015 10-10-06 AM.jpg


Where I'm at with this - My VAR support has no idea what may be causing this.  It's only happening on my workstation, not others.  I've been the primary owner (admin) of this file and have never had an issue until recently.  Nothing has changed as far as I know.  I've uninstalled and reinstall EPDM and SolidWorks (2015sp3).  I've tried resetting my Microsoft Office registry key.  I've tried saving this cable.xlsx file from EPDM out to my desktop as a temp.xlsx and temp.xls file and opening from there.  I've opened our existing cable.xml file and tried to save it out as a new cable.xlsx and still get the same error.


Nothing seems to work and I'm not getting anywhere with internet searching or VAR support.  Short of re-imaging my workstation I'm hoping I can maybe get some other suggestions to try from you folks.  Thanks in advance.