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Advices for the a two-sided window cleaner with a handle.

Question asked by Adi Yonish on Dec 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by Steven Melbourn


I'm studying Material-Engineering, currently on my 1st year.

We're doing a project in SW in which we need to make our own ideas for some sort of a new patent or improve something that already exists.

Me and my friend are improving the famous magnet window cleaner that can clean both sides of the window simultaneously, we're adding a handle to it that will help reach the far high spots of the window without using any high platforms or ladders.


Adding a link to the cleaning method written above:

Window Mates Instruction Video - YouTube


We are lacking of knowledge about materials we need to use, we need the handle to be strong enough to hold the magnets on the top and yet not so heavy since people need to be able to lift it without any problem, on top of that it has to be immune to corrosion.

Should we make it a periscope handle or just a one sized pole?

Any other ideas to improve it will be more than welcomed.

Thank you in advance!

Adi Yonish