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Best hardware for SW 2016?

Question asked by Reed Anderson on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Dean Grider

  I am looking to build a computer for home use to run SW 2016.  I have been doing research online and have found lots of suggestions but many are a few years old now and I was looking for the most up to date recommendations.  I currently use SolidWorks for parts and assemblies (assemblies not much larger than 200-250 parts) and create drawings for htese parts/assemblies.  I do not do anything fancy with graphics and I do not use simulation.  I am fairly new to SW so I would like to build a system that will handle heavier tasks down the road as I become more experienced. That being said, here are the basic components I am looking at:


Intel i7-4790K processor




Graphics card : ?   I was leaning towards a firepro because I have heard they are outperforming NVDIA Quadro per dollar but I have no idea.....


The guy who is going to help me assemble the computer says he does not think SSD is a big benefit.  He prefers two HDD drives with some form of RAID so that all files are on both drives in case one fails.  Any thoughts on this setup vs the SSD and HDD listed above?


Also, this is a personal use computer (that will mostly be for just SW) so I am on a budget.  If I had to trim the price in what area would you recommend trimming?  Thanks again everyone!!!