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    Please help me with SolidWorks crashing

    Andrew Gilchrist

      Fellow CAD users,


      I have been using SolidWorks 2015 student edition and have been experiencing sudden crashes when trying to run Flow simulations. The solver runs fine, just when the result is loaded to the model it crashes. This appears to be a recent occurrence, as I have already managed to run many simulations using this edition of the software. FYI, I have used previously 2013 and 2014 without issue on the same workstation.


      This problem also extends to trying to load these previous simulations, I get the same message, "SolidWorks has experienced a problem and needs to close". I already searched youtube and other tech forums for any system issue but no luck. This may be helpful if you are still reading this. I run a Dell precision 690 with twin Xeons, 28GB of ecc ram, GPU is GTX 970 (new) and a dedicated SSD just to load SolidWorks from. It was originally on my boot SSD but I reinstalled to another drive in case of software conflicts or boot issues. And yes, I installed working around the KB issue too.


      Is there a fix? Is it a software conflict? Is there a setting issue?


      Help me Obi Wan - it'll be greatly appreciated


      Andrew G

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          Dave Bond


          if you haven't already tried it this link Re: Toolbox suggests that the KB was an issue. I had a similar experience with 2015 and was unable to resolve either. I have windows 8.1 rather than 7 which maybe the issue, what operating  system are you using?

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              Andrew Gilchrist

              Hi Dave,

              Thanks for the link, I'll take a look at it.

              I run Win 7 Pro at this time, I did try 10 Pro but this was soon after release and I didn't find it that reliable. So I run 7 and typically SolidWorks has been fine with this OS. The 2015/16 version of Solidworks seems a bit unstable to me, from the install the clash with the security KB file was alarming, especially as the install notes gave a link to a downloadable applet to disable and re-enable the KB file. It worked fine after re-enabling the KB file for about two months, but now this glitch has become inconvenient and heading towards disaster. The CAD side seems fine, its just the simulation element that causes the shutdowns but this is what I use the software for. I have already performed a fresh, system wide reinstall and transferred SW to its own dedicated SSD (partly so its easier to remove once my licence expires). Are you suggesting that I disable the KB file whilst using SW? Would it be worth disconnecting from the internet connection whilst having security files disabled?


              I am not exactly an IT tech guru, but engineers do like to play with their machines



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              Neetu Singh
              • Open task manager (you can right click on the task bar and click task manager)
              • Click View, Select Columns.
              • Check off GDI Objects and click OK
              • Now the task manager will show the current number of GDI Objects being used by each process
              • If a part is opened and closed several times the number of GDI objects it uses does not increase. SOLIDWORKS releases all handles every time.  The same applies to assemblies as well. The problem is only encountered when a part is open in an assembly and it is opened in its own window and then closed.


              I still issue exits that means there is something wrong with your dell device, fix it and analyse it using Dell Precision 690 Manual.