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Design Library Notes with GD&T

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

I have a general Drawing note that I have created, that contains a couple of GD&T within it.  Everything looks fine with the note with these GD&T, as seen in the 1st image.


I added the note to the Design Library as an Annotation Favorite.  Now, whenever I drag the note from the Design Library to a new Drawing, the GD&T within the note, turns into a "broken link error", as seen in the 2nd image.  I can edit the note to recreate the GD&T no problem.  But it always comes in broken from the Design Library (on new drawings).


What's even more strange, if I do fix the GD&T within the 1st note that I insert, and then drag a 2nd copy of the same note from the Design Library to the drawing, it shows the GD&T just fine....  I can see how this might happen if the Annotation was a Block, as the Block within the Drawing would have then been fixed (so you would essentially be inserting a 2nd copy of the Block that's already been fixed in the Drawing).  However, these are not Blocks, only Annotations.  I am dragging the 2nd copy right from the Design Library.  But it will always show the broken link error when inserting it into a new drawing for the first time.


I've tried recreating it several times, and trying different things.  However, I always see the same results.  Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this error, every time I want to use this Annotation in my Drawing?