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SW2015 C# add in

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by Checkcheck Master

Hi there,


I'm trying to register and run the C# add in from the template.

When I'm running Visual Studio 2015 I get some errors and warnings, see picture.


What could be wrong ?

I've installed the SDK, the zipped file swcharpaddin with the template is on the right location, what else ?


Btw: I'm just a beginner in C#.

My SW2015 installation is crashing due some bugs in the VBA editor while I'm running my VBA(swp) macro's.

For me it's still unknown what triggers the 'Serious error occurred' message while running the macro's, sadly my complete work flow is based on the use of that macro's for years now, don't know what Solidworks has changed that the crashes increase that much.

In my memory the problem occurs after the SW2015 SP2 update or something.

The only thing Solidworks offers is to open the macro in an earlier SW version, compile and save and try again with your SW2015.

However it's not my problem that I can't start the macro after a crash, with minimal 10+ crashes a day it's getting pretty annoying I can tell you.


That's the reason to study C# and try to recreate the macro's in C#.

Is C# the right choice while compared to .NET or maybe C++ ?

What should be considered when choosing a language?


Also, regarding my not working C# add in problem, I've studied 'Creating a Solidworks Add-in from scratch' from 'Angelsix', can't get it to work in Visual Studio 2010, I was suggesting it was because of obsolete code and decide to give t a try with Visual Studio 2015...


Thanks for reading, appreciate you help very much, thanks in advance.