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Can you access files in EPDM via a hyperlink address?

Discussion created by Sylvain Trudel Employee on Dec 22, 2015

Let me start to say that I really really do not like PDM add-ins.  One of the things I do not like is the fact that the add-in code is being parsed at each user's action...  I created this simple .EXE tool that can be triggered using Dispatch.  Yes... I know... Dispatch is an add-in; it's an out-of-the-box add-in.  It's optimized and supported by DS R&D.



This is an as-is application.  No support is offered.

pdmGetURL.exe is a tool to get the URL of a file in a PDM Professional vault.  This application requires SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2014 or higher.

Usage: pdmGetURL arguments

Valid arguments:


Display help.


Name of the vault, enclosed between double quotes if it contains spaces.


Full path of the file in the vault, enclosed between double quotes.

/Output:{mailto|gmail          |none}

Specify how to send the URL.


(optional) Copy the URL in the Windows clipboard.

/Action:{explore|open   |view|get|lock   |properties|history}]

(optional) Specify which PDM action will be performed by the URL.



Use default email application to send the URL.


Open a browser to to send the URL.


Do nothing.  Useful when using /Clipboard:yes



(default) Opens an explorer window in the folder the file resides and selects the file.


Opens the file in associated application.


Opens the configured PDM “Viewer” for the file.


Triggers a 'Get' of the file to the local file vault view.


Checks out the file.


Opens the file properties data card.


Brings the file history.

See attached documents for more details.

Remember: This is an as-is application.  No support is offered.