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University is on 2014, Veterans is 2015 2016. What do we do now?

Question asked by Gary Pearman on Dec 22, 2015

If we knew, we wouldn't need classes. ASUMH is still on SW 2014. When downloading a Veteran's SW it is 2015-2016. So, the machines at school cannot use files from home.


  • Is there a way to go back to 2014?
  • Is it possible for the school to upgrade easily (software, course ware)?
  • Is it possible for a Vet to get a second copy of SW (2014)?


My laptop is useless at school as I can use school hardware while there. My desktop at home is where compatible software would be very useful. It is useless if the Instructor cannot deal with the output or if projects cannot be worked on in both locations or collaborated on en mass. This is a pilot program and so the kinks are still being worked out. I would like to see it succeed.