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    Nonlinear compression of rubber spring - HELP!

    Owen Boden

      Hi all


      My first post here but a complex one, any help, pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated.


      I need to compress a large rubber spring, 1200mm long, dia 250mm. The material is Hytrel, I have created a custom material and I have loaded in the appropriate stress/strain data. I'm running the study as a 2D simplification as the part is symmetrical. The part is supported with a fixed geometry condition at the bottom of the spring and the load is 50KN simply acting as a compression force at top of the part.



      My goal is to compress the spring by 50-60% of its total length i.e.~600mm. The best I can get is 82mm compression before I get the 'Reduce the Singularity elimination factor (.5 or 0)' message. When I play with the Singularity Elimination value I get slightly better results but still nowhere near the 50% compression.


      I have experimented with both the Force and Displacement incremental control techniques using the Newton-Raphson iterative method.

      I have also tried local meshing but to no avail.


      I want to know if there is something more I can do or if I'm at the limits of the software?


      Many thanks