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Unable to export as STEP of some assembly files which has the same name as one of its components

Question asked by Safa Okan on Dec 22, 2015
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This problem occurs on three of our five computers/users. We cannot narrow down the problem to specific properties of either hardware or version of OS or user profile or SW setting etc.

The problem is:

On three of our five computers, when it is tried to export an assembly to STEP (regardless of AP203 or AP214) we can only have a single part exported whereas on other two computers the exported STEP can be opened as a full assembly. The only significance here is the filename of the assembly. If the filename of the assembly is same as the file name of one of its components, when the exported STEP file is opened in Solidworks it is opened as a part file and it contains only that component which has the same filename as the filename of the assembly. This occurs on only three computers. The other two have no problem. Strangely, if the filename of either assembly or the component is changed anything different, these three computers can export and import STEP without any prolem.

We suspected of some kind of combined effect of Solidworks and Windows registry or so.

Do you have any idea?