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Gear misalignment

Question asked by David Mullins on Dec 22, 2015

I have no idea if this is the right subforum or not, if it's not I apologize in advance.  Anyways, on to the question:


I work in the repair industry and the type of work that I do is performing gearbox audits on a variety of equipment.  The audit's are performed using faro measurement equipment using polyworks software.  Recently I've been building models of the cases to be measured as a way of depicting what is being audited and for relaying the information in reports.  I'm wanting to take this a step further and show what effects gear misalignment would have on the gearing, e.g.: Go out measure a case, have an in-plane misalignment of n and an out-of-plane misalignment of x.  Open my model in solidworks and misalign the case by n & x then run a simulation that would give (hopefully) a correlation between a theoretical result of the misalignment and the actual results of the misalignment observed on the gear pattern.


Any suggestions?  Ideally I would be able to model the gearing then overlay a color map that would show the most likely areas of heavy wear and then relate that in my report.