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Can we link the excel value to the Driveworks Program?

Question asked by Shivu Gouda on Dec 22, 2015

Hi all, I have a question on DriveworkXpreess. Currently i'm using SW2014 & we got a project for automation. Customer gave us the excel sheet which is containing some specific parameters & different values.& It has more than 1lakh parts.I created 1 DriveWorks Programme & It is  running succesfully but  Drawing file name contains master file name also. then we have to rename the each file. & it is taking too much time. Can anyone suggest me how i can get drawing file name without master file name. & Is there any ways to link the excel sheet values to DriveWorks programme? because i have to open same program to enter the different values. As i said i have 1 lakh parts.   Reply for this dought hugely appriciated..