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Mirror a part that doesn't have a flat face to use as mirroring plane?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 22, 2015
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Good morning all,

I'm not sure how to go about mirroring a simple part which has several chamfers to an opposite hand part using the insert / mirror part function.  I've attached the part for reference.  The problem is that I can mirror about the other side which does have flat faces that I can choose for mirror surface plane, but then on the new part I don't have the preferred edge vertical on my model and cannot modify the part that it is since its connected back to the original part.  I tried breaking reference to the original but get errors and part doesn't even show up.  I've attached some screenshots of what I'm trying to do.  I'd like to be able to figure this out since I have several of these modeled already on some previous shop releases and now I have new parts which are opposite hands (100% mirrors) and don't wanna have to take my dxf file from customer and model each from the ground up again when I already have a perfect part but just flipped the wrong way.  Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.


original part with LEFT side vertical (this side needs to stay vertical on my new part):

This original part only has flat surfaces on the right side though (but that side is not vertical on the model, the left side is):

I used insert part and picked the right side (highlited in green) to see what would happen:

My new mirrored part but wrong side is vertical and I cannot modify it to make the right side vertical since its linked (for drawing purposes I prefer all of these parts to have the view with inverse fillet in corner to show vertical on drawing view and it won't without making new views, etc which I prefer not to do if there is an easier way I'm missing):