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    Thermal Study; Selecting Faces

    tommy mello
      I have a heat sink with ALOT of  faces which will require thesame convection Coefficients... I do not want to select every face. I have found that I can click and drag to create a"select box" which selects all VIEWABLE faces in the box. Unfortunately there is no view where all the faces areviewable (i'll try wire frame but i don't think that willwork).  I can't select the part... can I somehow get alist of all face id's or names and just copy and paste the listinto the convection property manager??? ..... how can I notmanually select every face??   thanks !!!!
        • Thermal Study; Selecting Faces
          Eric Ryan

          Try this. Right click a surface on your heat sink and then pick invert selection. The invert selection selects all faces except the one you originally selected. Then, hold CTRL down and pick the original face you selected. Now you will have all of the surfaces of the part. You could also deselect faces that you don't want if necessary. Finally, apply your convection coefficient to the faces. It is important that you select the faces first, and then do the thermal parameters. If you first open the convection property, for some reason the invert selection option is not on the right mouse menue.

          Hope this works for you. It was a tough one to figure out. I had a similar problem with a heat sink.