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One User's Setting Keep Randomly Changing

Question asked by Dave LeCount on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Ed Cyganik

I set up all of my users so that they pull all our template files from our ePDM Vault.  When I set up a new user, I use a SLDREG file to change all their settings.  I have one user who about every 2-3 weeks his "Document Templates" path randomly changes.  Sometimes a second path is added, sometimes the original path is replaced with a completely different path.  But the really strange thing is that whenever this happens, the new path is always different. 


The path to our vault is "C:\Production Vault\Templates".   On this one computer, sometimes the path only changes so that "C:" changes to a different letter like "N:" or "V:", which neither path exists.  Sometimes the entire path is replaced with just a drive letter.  Once I reset their settings with my SLDREG file, everything is OK for another 2-3 weeks.  One thing that I should mention, we are not running a SLDREG every time at start up, only to initially set up a computer, or in this case fix it.


Has anyone seen this before and have a suggestion on how to correct it?  I'm hesitant to have IT uninstall/reinstall all of our SW products without trying to figure out what the actual cause is.