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Turning off perspective does not make my model orthographic?

Question asked by Optimus Prime on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by Optimus Prime

I have a drawing of a certain part in which I don't want perspective when viewing the model, as I intend to take a clip of it spinning later on. However, when I turn off perspective, it appears the view is not accurate, because when I rotate the model, some of the lines are not orthographic (for example, the highlighted blue lines in the image below are not parallel, when in fact they should be). Shouldn't turning off the perspective make the lines completely parallel and make the view perfectly orthographic? Is there any other function in SolidWorks that can alleviate this problem? I have attempted many solutions such as: turning on perspective and setting viewer position to the maximum number possible, going into camera view and adjusting the focal length to a high number, and adjusting the camera position to a really high number as well. All of these still result in a non-orthographic rendering of my model. I have attached the part file if that helps. Thank you. *Moderators please move my question to the appropriate area if needed.