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CSWA Exam with your user group support

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Oct 12, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by Gerald Davis
If you're interested in demonstrating your proficiency with SolidWorks, you have a few options - CSWP and CSWA among them.

CSWP is a proficiency test that takes several hours and is held in selected locations with a live proctor supervising the event. If you pass the CSWP, you definitely know the core functionality of SW. There are several hundred thousand SW users and only a few thousand of them are Certified SolidWorks Professionals. I encourage you to join that elite group.

CSWA is a relatively new program developed by Jeremy Lucchini and Marie Planchard. The idea is a short proficiency test that you can take for free at a location convenient to you (your workstation).

SolidWorks User Groups can set you up with a passcode so you can try out CSWA. You've got to sign up for the test before 12/01/07 to take advantage of this promotion through your local user group.

Contact your local user group leader right away to find out more details about supporting your user group and getting a CSWA passcode.

I passed the CSWA recently. It involves downloading a little bit of software so you can connect to the exam database. That only took a couple of minutes. The test must be taken in one sitting so reserve at least an hour of time where you won't be interrupted. It is quite likely that you can finish the test in less than 90 minutes, but there is no point in pressuring yourself. (The maximum time limit is 3 hours.)

The test has 7 questions. 3 of those questions require that you successfully complete modeling challenges. The test I took required basic extrudes and cuts - there were no sweeps or exotic surfacing questions. The 4 written questions seemed pretty straight forward. Read them carefully! I missed one because I didn't follow that advice.

I recommend that you participate in CSWA for several reasons:
you get to experience a little bit of the atmosphere of the CSWP test.
You also will prove to yourself that you can solve some interesting modeling problems.
Not everyone has the guts to prove they can squeeze a mouse. You'll distinguish yourself by completing this challenge.

Eventually, you'll receive a CSWA certificate that you can hang on the wall (or hand to your boss). That's worth the price of admission all by itself!

Rember, this user group promotion of the CSWA ends 12/01/07. After that, you'll be on your own to figure out how to take the test.

I'm not affiliated with CSWA or with SolidWorks. I'm posting this message to try to goad the members of my user group into following through and taking the test!