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Change file path subassembly, part etc

Question asked by Valery Chernoray on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by joseph Isravel

I have been searching for a while but I keep bumping into other issues all the time and this have to happen from time to time.


I have a assembly with sub assembly, structured in folders


Main assembly

     - Subfolder with assembly AA1100-whatever

     - Subfolder with assembly AA1200-whatever

          -subsubfolder with subassembly AA1210-whatever



I noticed a typo in folder of level AA1100 and I cant find a way to change the name of a folder, I have used file explorer for files but it fails me when i try with folders.


Im used to CATIA and there its very easy to just change the file path to the sub assembly in preferences of the main assembly.


Is there any nice way to do the same in solidoworks?