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.x_t and .igs file imports

Question asked by Zane Miller on Oct 12, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by Zane Miller
Hi there,

I just got a new copy of the SolidWorks 2007 base package and I'mhaving some issues importing parasolid files.  I've tried toimport two different types of files and haven't been able to openeither of them.  When I look at them in Windows Explorer,Windows doesn't actually recognize either of them as SolidWorksfiles either (it hasn't assigned the appropriate app to open them). Here's the errors I've been getting.

When I try to open a .igs file, I get an error message thatreads:

"Unable to read IGES file.  File was truncated orcontains invalid data."

The only problem is, the guy sitting next to me is using SW2005 andcan open that file with no problem.

The .x_t file is a bit more straightforward.  Both of us getan error that reads:

"Cannot open XXXXX.x_t"

I assumed that since it's a type of file that is in the file typesdrop down field that SolidWorks could open it.  That and thevendor that sent us the file expected that it would work as well. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!