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Costing timber by length

Question asked by Andrew Davey on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Andrew Davey

Hi everyone,

Until now, we have always performed manual costing for our timber furniture (picnic tables etc) using per meter prices.



For example, our 32mm x 95mm timber profile costs £1.21/m.

Our supplier does not charge us by weight or volume (as the timber density varies greatly due to moisture content).



Can anyone give me some pointers on setting up this as a method for costing?  It seems as though I need to create new custom materials for my timber profiles, but I cannot work out how to set the material as a per length material.

As an alternative, I guess I need to set it as a block or plate material but the issue with that, is that our timber is delivered with 3mm chamfered edges, so I need Solidworks to understand that it doesn't need to remove this material.



In the costing templates, I have set up a custom costing template, but every option I look at is trying to force me to cost by either mass


Ideally, it would be great if Solidworks could do costings and estimate as if the material is an extrusion priced by the meter (not a plate or block).