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Beginner here with a few questions google won't answer..

Question asked by Bart K. on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by Eric Henderson

Hi folks,



For my study(Automotive Engineering) i've used Inventor for the past two years to design and calculate stuff,

and now we're starting with Solidworks 2016. (so please note that i don't even have the slightest experience with it yet..)

My problem is that, as you may most probably know, a lot of things are different between these two CAD programs.

The most important and significant issue is the mouse controls, since inventor and solid use different controls.

Because i'm used to inventor i constantly keep rotating when i want to pan, and zooming when i want to rotate, etc. It's really frustrating..


As i understand it, solidworks itself does not provide an option to tweak these controls but there may be thirdparty add-ins who do.

This question has been asked and answered(negatively) before in previous years but they may be obsolete by now.


Another thing is the geometry lines. I'd rather have my model look professional than like a colouring picture, but solid appears to lack the option to disable these by default.


The last thing is that inventor gives the ability to set the dimensions of sketchlines and features on the fly while you create them.

I'm not sure whether solid has this function or not, but i can't find it and it'd be extremely useful and time saving.


I'd be grateful if you could help me with any of these issues.