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Any jobs in Denver, or prefferably North to Ft. Collins Colorado?

Discussion created by Frank Schiavone on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Frank Schiavone

Looks like I got bit by the corporate downsizing bug again today.  They eliminated my position today (I got, like, 2 hrs notice), and want to replace me with an Engineer.  It was a huge surprise to me, and all the Engineers I work with....since all my work now gets dumped on them.....and only 1 is a proficient CAD user.


So....anyone know of anything in the area listed?  I was very interested in Harley Davidson's interest in me, as well as GE Medical, but both are in Wisconsin, and I won't move away from my daughter again.



I can even say I can get around in Solidworks a little too!  I was HOPING to really learn it before something like this happened, but.....



Thanks in advance!!