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New assembly doesn't show up in EPDM folder

Question asked by Jim Exley on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by Charley Saint

When I save an assembly as a new name in a folder in EPDM, it doesn't show up in the folder.  I look for it via windows explorer and also by File / open within SW.  This happens when, after I put in a new name for the assembly, the parts in the assembly are not checked out and windows pop for me to save them as a new filename also.  I don't want to do that so I hit cancel on those dialogue boxes.  The new assembly file is there because it opens if I use the File drop down and select it from recent files.  I save it to my desktop then drag-and-drop it into the correct EPDM folder and I'm asked if I want to replace the existing file,  so this confirms that it really is already in that folder.  I do replace it and now it shows up in windows explorer and using File/Open in SW.

Anybody have a better fix?