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When I use save as .pdf it hangs.

Question asked by Bruce Perry on Dec 17, 2015

Save as .PDF hangs or stops running.


I created a program that does the save as PDF and puts the current date into the file name, so that
I will always be able to pick-out the current PDF file. None of this is relevant except that I automated the process with code.


There has been certain times when the process of creating a PDF just screams through and
others when it just hangs and I have to do a hard QUIT. I thought of adding the code to invoke a

Time-Out so that when a certain amount of time, say five minutes passes that the code ends instead of
using a hard quit/close program due to non-response.


While looking for this code for time out, I also looked for a solution to my problem. Others were having the same issue on
the net too. I did not find a solution. However, it looked like a file size issue.


Long story short, I think I solved a work around, and I wanted to share.


And here is the process. First of all you want to set this so that it stays. If you set this
and the program crashes you will have to do it again. So here goes.


First open up SolidWorks, open up a blank drawing template and go to save as pdf. Go to the
options for pdf's and uncheck 'High quality edges'. Save your blank template to
test.pdf (or some other name you'll recognize; to delete later).


Once this is done close SolidWorks and open it again. This is a pain but if the program crashed
while you unchecked this it would probably revert back to checked when you restarted the program.


Now open the file you want to save as PDF. And run. It looks like this works.