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solidworks and network attached servers drives

Question asked by Mike Russell on Dec 17, 2015

Hello all,


We have a company network that uses several Buffalo NAS drives for data.

All of our Solidworks files are stored, accessed and edited from one of the NAS drives.

We have a on going problem with the ~$ temp files not being deleted on closing files. (not all are from crashing)

This leads to assemblies, drawings not opening properly.

According to our VAR Solidworks does not work well with NAS drives, that Solidworks can loose sync from time to time with the server.

We have no choice in the mater we have to use what is provided for us.

Does anyone know of a way to automatically delete these files from the server drives or of a program I can run to purge them?

Our remote IT is of no help on this issue.

The program would have to be run from my local computer to do the purging of the files, I have full rights to the drive where the files are stored.



Any help is appreciated.