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    Get/Set Material Description

    Digvijay Taunk


      Does anyone know how to Get/Set material description shown in image below of "Edit Material" property of part. If "YES", I want to use it in assembly BOM. Can it be directly linked with custom property. I know, I can create a macro to add value in custom property if I get the description value, but I wanted to know is there any direct method to do that.



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          Digvijay Taunk

          Anyone... please

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            Alex Herzberg

            I am looking for the same information. Anyone know how to retrieve this information through a macro to export it into a custom property?

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                  Alex Herzberg

                  It set me on the right path at least. Looks like you have to go out to the .sldmat file and pull the data from there. I have modified a function I found to be able to go out and pull the material description. It is posted below. Hope this helps everyone.


                  Function GetCustomProperty(materialName As String, materialDatabaseFile As String) As String


                  '       materialName is the name of the material in the .sldmat material manager file

                  '       materialDatabaseFile is the full path filename of the .sldmat material manager file

                  '       customProperty is the Property Name as you entered it in the Custom Tab of the Material Manager


                  '       Material description as string

                  '       This could potentially be Double; I think the manager only accepts double values here.


                  'Reference to Microsoft XML, v 6.0  (although an earlier version will probably work -

                  '                   the .sldmat file itself is written in XML 1.0

                  Dim xml_doc As New DOMDocument

                  Dim brtn As Boolean

                  Dim onode As IXMLDOMElement



                  brtn = xml_doc.Load(materialDatabaseFile) 'xml_doc exiting reference



                  If brtn Then

                      For Each onode In xml_doc.selectNodes("//material")             'Get any nodes that are labeled as materials

                          If onode.getAttribute("name") = materialName Then           'Look for the material we are interested in

                          Debug.Print onode.getAttribute("name")

                          GetCustomProperty = onode.getAttribute("description")       'Get the description for the material we are interested in and set it to a variable

                          Debug.Print onode.getAttribute("description")

                          End If



                      MsgBox "Unable to open XML File"                                'Built in error message if it can't open the xml file

                  End If



                  End Function

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                Lee CS Young

                I have a macro that pulls custom properties from the material and puts them into the part's custom property. Contact me if you're interested.