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SolidWorks for Plot Plan with satellite imagery

Question asked by Akshay Mathur on Dec 17, 2015



We are involved in a project which requires us to GPS-map a number of pipelines for our client, and produce a map using the recorded data. We will be mapping the pipelines individually every 50 metres - Total length of pipeline Right-of-Way/Corridor approx. 11 kms. (i.e., 180-200 data points (Latitude, Longitude, MSL/HAE)) for each pipeline as per client requirement. This map is required to be 1:500 scale for each pipeline and 1:2500 for overall layout. We want the satellite imagery of the area to be on the background, and the plot plan as a layer on top of it, with the co-ordinates of plot plan matching with that of the imagery. Also, we would like certain data points to be color-coded (as per the findings such as crossings, depressions and the like).


Which would be the best software for this job? I have heard from a colleague that both AutoCAD and SolidWorks can work well for this, but I am not exactly sure as to which one will be the best-suited and if any other software is available as well. Please advise.