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when saving assembly as part, colors are disrupted

Question asked by Efe Vural on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

Hello everyone,


I have searched this forum and google, but could not find a solution to my problem. If there was, excuse me. I am using Solidworks 2015.


I am trying to have PCB card assembly consisting of several cards. This CAD model will be for assembly purposes, so there is no need to model seperate cards for manufacturing purposes, rather only peripheral connectors placed on empty cards is sufficient. Firstly, I am assembling seperate cards in an assembly file. Then i am converting them to part files to use in the overall PCB card assembly file. I know that I can use them as sub-assemblies in the over assembly file. However for performance related concerns, and since that individual PCB assemblies contain parts that have same names and that they conflict in the overall assembly, i do not prefer to do so. Besides, at some point, it seems that i will have to convert individual PCB assembly files to step files to work with another program. To whatever format i convert the assembly file, the problem stated below exists.


The problem is that, when i save an individual PCB assembly file as part file (options = all components), the colors of some faces are changing. Some of the parts are my making, where as some of them are downloaded from internet resources. All have appearances attached to them. You can view, a connector part file(downloaded), a PCB assembly file containing the connector, and a part file resulted from the conversion of the assembly file, in my attachements.


Moreover, i noticed that, if i save an assembly file, which has only this connector for example, as a part file, the resulting part file also has the same problem. Which faces of the part are changing seems to be random and the problem seems to be contagious (i.e. a pcb part file not containing that connector have no problems, however when the connector is added at file exported as part, not only the connector is infected, but also also other parts).


What might be the solution to this problem? I am expecting solidworks to save as how i see the model.


Thank you for your help,