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    Solidworks workgroup API fails in 2016

    Peter Farnham

      Hi All,


      List Assemblies Where Part Used Example (VBA) in the help files do not work on my system.


      Dim  connection As PDMWConnection



         'fails here >>>>>>

                                    Set  connection = CreateObject("PDMWorks.PDMWConnection")





          connection.Login "pdmwadmin", "pdmwadmin",  "localhost"


      Solidworks 2016 pro sp1.0

      Office 2013 32 bit (Microsoft advises against updating to 64 bit).



      Below worked with Solidworks 2015 sp4.0

      Office 2013 32 bit



      ub GetDataFromVaultStoreHere()

          Dim myPDMConn As New PDMWConnection
          Dim myPDMWSO As PDMWSearchOptions
          Dim myPDMWSRs As PDMWSearchResults
          Dim myPDMWSR As PDMWSearchResult
          Dim CurRow As Long
          Dim ProjectName As String ' Project name store.
      ProjectName = InputBox("Enter Project Name") ' Enter project name through message box.
           If ProjectName = "" Then GoTo EndMacro

      '>>>>>>>>> fails here in 2016

         myPDMConn.Login "pdmwadmin", "pdmwadmin", "localhost" ' Login details, enter these here to save having to enter them everytime, set new user with read only!

      Any ideas?