Users group Support????

Discussion created by Guest on Jun 1, 2005
Definitely get your local VARs involved. We have 3 of them in our area.

We started our group in November 2000 as an independent group, not sponsored or supported by any of the local VARs. The group limped along for a little while but when we started inviting the VARs to present technical topics, membership went through the roof. At the first meeting with VAR presence the attendance just about doubled because they sent a meeting notice out to their database.

The advantages of using the VARs are that you can get your message out to their private database of customers, but more importantly, your members get better presentations. These people do this kind of thing for a living and are in front of people all the time. Most of the time they already have presentations done on the topics that we request.

Since we have 3 VARs in the area, we have one present technical topic at each meeting on a rotating schedule. It’s really not much of a drain on them, but it’s a huge advantage to us.