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Huge pet peeve

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by Ryan McVay

OK. I've worked with other CAD systems for some time and am now playing around inside SW. I am hoping that this one pet peeve of mine is just a switch or setting somewhere.


Situation: I'm working with a flange in sheetmetal to define it. I select my edges and then move over to the dialog box to define the length of the flange and set some other options. I then move my mouse off the dialog area and the length starts to dynamically adjust based on mouse location and screws up my length dimension. This happens every time the mouse moves onto the graphics area...even if I just bump the mouse while I'm typing or answering a phone or moving to different area of the dialog and happen to move into the graphics area....Please, please tell me this is a setting. If not then there's a huge opportunity for development to add another "user enhancement" to their the count of fixes and requests...